ROBERT BRISTOW and PILAR PROFFITT are partners in BRISTOW PROFFITT, an architecture and interior design studio.

Robert takes a straightforward approach to architecture and furniture design, where the output is the offspring of a clear idea expressed with elemental materials and simple processes.

Pilar is the interior design arm of the duo.  Every piece is carefully orchestrated to give the whole a gentle balance of both the masculine and feminine.  

Housed in a 125’ long former dairy barn, their workshop allows them to take a hands-on approach were they can explore the whole and the things within, right down to the smallest details.

Together the principals have combined their talents to design houses, hotels, and public buildings such as Quirk Hotel, Harney Tea Room SoHo, Hotel Ralph Pucci and are currently working with Kimpton Hotels re-purposing a historic Daniel Burnham building in Cincinnati.